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Programmable MIDI foot controller with 16 MIDI Messages per preset support Program Change Message (PC) , Continuous Controller Message (CC) and MIDI Note On/Off messages.



• 1 MIDI OUT with 7-pin DIN connector supports phantom power on pin 6, 7. (Polarity is not important)

• Flexible power requirements: 9V-12V, AC or DC, at 100mA via a 5.5mm/2.1mm barrel connector. (Power Adapter is not included)

• 2 bank switches, 4 patch switches with heavy duty foot switch.

• Programmable mode with 128 presets, arranged in 32 banks of 4 presets.

• Program Change message (PC), Control Change message (CC) and midi Note On/Off messages support (16 midi messages per preset, all on different MIDI channels)

• Blue color LCD display 16 characters x 2 lines with big character size.

• RGB multi colors LED programmable to display preset status.

• 2 Expression pedal inputs EXP1 and EXP2 assignable to any Control Change Number on any MIDI channel for each PATCH (arrange in 128 presets with 32 banks x 4 presets)

• Housed in a sleek aluminum chassis and brushed finish with black anodized coating.

• Dimensions approx. : 10.3"W x 4.7"D x 2.0"H (26.2cm x 12.0cm x 5.0cm)

• Weight approx. : 2.2lb (1.0kg)

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