About Us


Sakarin Wangma, an electrical design engineer who work for a renown US manufacturing company. He, as an amateur guitarist, had found that his equipment setup needed a MIDI control/interface but it wasn't a very popular in Thailand. Instead of ordering one from foreign dealer, he did his own research and experiment. With modest cost, the first prototype worked as expected. Actually, it worked as good as many commercial products in the market at that time. 

After some improvement of the prototype, the next units were given to musician friends for real life usages. The feedback was beyond expectation. And that was his starting point of PEAK2005. 

At PEAK2005, we believe that good stuff is not always expensive. Since we started the production, our products have been recognized by musicians worldwide. Our component engineer Poonarat Metapanya, has done extensive sourcing for highest reliable parts to make sure that every unit sold to customer will last for lifetime. Our products are hand assembled and tested before shipped to customer. With 20 years experience that we have gained from well known manufacturing companies in US and Japan, you will not be disappointed in your decision for choosing our products.